Hercules soundtrack: I won’t say I’m in love^^

It’s been a while since I last heard of this song. It brings a memory of young tender years(LOL!). Thanks to JL and The Fruit Cake Special drama assignment. But I need lots of time to learn this song, k…and not forgetting the pointing and swinging parts. And all the very best, Jess, you can do it!!


By the way, this song could be played in school as a listening lessons. The meaning of the song could be interpreted together with the students in parallel to the movie.

Here’s the lyrics

If there’s a prize for rotten judgement
I guess I’ve already won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That’s ancient history, been there, done that!


Who’d’ya think you’re kiddin’
He’s the Earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden
Honey, we can see right through you
Girl, ya can’t conceal it
We know how ya feel and
Who you’re thinking of

No chance, no way
I won’t say it, no, no

You swoon, you sigh
why deny it, uh-oh

It’s too cliche
I won’t say I’m in love

I thought my heart had learned its lesson
It feels so good when you start out
My head is screaming get a grip, girl
Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out

You keep on denying
Who you are and how you’re feeling
Baby, we’re not buying
Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When ya gonna own up
That ya got, got, got it bad

WRONG: No chance, now way
I won’t say it, no, no

Give up, give in
Check the grin you’re in love

This scene won’t play,
I won’t say I’m in love

You’re doin flips read our lips
You’re in love

You’re way off base
I won’t say it
Get off my case
I won’t say it

Girl, don’t be proud
It’s O.K. you’re in love

At least out loud,
I won’t say I’m in love


A red-headed girl whom i adore

This is my first time making video using picasa. ^0^

Mind Your Language; Dedicate this to Cohort 5 for old time’s memory with Mr. Mic

Comparing two death poems

This is my first Comparative Literature assignment. Not exactly sure if I am doing it fine, but I’ve at least tried.

Comparing Stop All the Clocks with As the Heart Hopes

Anne of Green Gables

For those who have an imagination, this book could inspire you further.

A good read ^^


Let’s Take Photos!

Don’t exactly remember since when I had decided to buy a camera. May be it was a sudden urge to capture prescious moments that I might forget if it’s not for the sake of pictures. And ahh…the camera i brought from home was broken accidentally during our annual dinner.

Hence, I have my Pink Pink Canon with me for about two and a half years. And took lots and lots of pictures with it,^^ especially the first year.

I did not receive any training or whatever pertaining to photo shooting skills. I took pictures merely for fun. However, once we were exposed (extremely briefly) to photography in a lecture by Dr. Rosseni, I feel that I might take up photography in my spare time,if I were to have any spare time. I guess I could try the long shot, wide shot, close up, etc. while I go traveling around.

Any where, here are some of the pictures which were taken by me ^0^

flowers...taken in Vietnam

white white flowers


strawberry flowers


flowers again

I love flowers! Let’s take some more pictures!

Introduction: It’s time to get serious about Blogging

It’s the high time to get serious about Blogging again. I had created a blog using Blogspot some where in September last year. After posted three posts (I think), I suffered from writer’s block(yea, right) or more accurately being plain lazy.

As Dr. Rosseni gave the first lecture, I just knew the purpose of having blogs–to share news of my choice! Frankly, this is new to me, regardless having to create a blog already. It inspires me to share something that I think worth telling…perhaps some nice books that I’ve read (hehehehee…) or songs that I would like to sing.

Wish me luck^^!